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Well, hello beautiful..

Are you ready to transform into your most radiant, confident, wild, magnetic & powerful self? 


Do you crave living consciously and on purpose, developing an intimate trust with your intuition, following your heart and letting your wild, mysterious self lead the way?


Do you long for feeling comfortable & beautiful in your own body, taking pleasure in the physical experience, indulging the senses, and emboding your true, authentic self? The Ayurvedic Health Mentorship will help you reach your natural state of balance & vibrant health, and gradually shift into the best shape of your life. It will allow you to heal and fall deeply in love with your body.


Are you burning to know your incredible gifts, hidden talents & remarkable strengths that will support your personal growth, or the intriguing, yet challenging shadows, and how to transmute them into your very own superpowers? The Cosmic Immersion project will bring about profound self-discovery, invaluable insight and self-mastery that will allow you to create the life of your dreams. 


The Etheric Alignment energy healing process will balance the flow of Prana within the Chakras and Nadis, and bring to light potential issues and imbalances that may be addressed more thoroughly later on. It is a supporive treatment that will enhance healing and growth, while working with specific spiritual or physical challenges.

It's time to shed the old skin & reveal your true self..

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If you are..

If you are..

  • uncomfortable in your own body
  • struggling with persistent symptoms & chronic ailments
  • constantly stressed out or suffering from mental, psychosomatic & nervous system disorders
  • chronically tired and sleeping poorly
  • dreading your periods
  • emotionally drained & frustrated or going through a crisis
  • powerless regarding your health & uncertain how to care for your body
  • weary of trying conventional means to no avail
  • ashamed of or estranged from your body
  • self-conscious around other people and limiting your self-expression
  • finding it hard to commit to rigid diet & lifestyle regimens
  • blocked or stagnating in other areas of life
  • lonely, undervalued & doubting yourself
and you want to be..

and you want to be..

  • comfortable & beautiful in your own body
  • healthy & radiant
  • nourished & supported
  • enjoying your food & lifestyle
  • sleeping soundly
  • in tune with your cycle
  • intuitively aware of your body & how to care for it
  • one with Nature
  • connected to your heart & intuition
  • embodying your true, authentic self
  • serene, at ease & in the flow
  • more confident & open-hearted
  • thriving in other areas of life
If you are looking for a unique approach..

If you are looking for a unique approach..

  • Holistic - combines the physical and spiritual aspects of health + the knowledge & benefits of a plethora of natural therapies & healing techniques to create harmonious functioning on all levels of life


  • Intuitive - relies on your intuition to guide the healing process


  • Natural - in harmony with Nature, your body & its natural rhythms


  • Individual healing strategy tailored to your unique self & life circumstances


  • Empowering - hands the power to heal over to you
and you are ready to..

and you are ready to..

  • prioritize your health
  • take exquisite care of your body
  • honor your needs & desires
  • dive deep into the darkest parts of yourself
  • follow the wisdom of your heart & intuition
  • embrace your truth & authenticity
  • rewild yourself
  • accelarate your growth
  • create the life you dream of..
You have come to the right place
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